3/22: How Brussels, Skull&Bones and the NWO are interconnected

March 22, 2016 is a black page in history. We can all agree to that. The bombing of the Brussels Airport is a cowardess act of violence, which has no place in a civilized world. At least 30 people lost their lives and over 200 people were injured, just because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. You may ask yourself: how is this connected to a student society and even the New World Order (NWO)? In this blog, I will try to explain.

The attacks in Brussels

Brussels Airport

At 4 pm, the Belgian Crisis Center reported at least 10 casualties and over 100 people wounded at the airport. Pictures have been released that show three possible suspects; 2 of which may have been suicide bombers. The attack was struck around 8 am, local time. The explosions, around 8 a.m. local time, hit near the departure gates, collapsing ceiling panels and shattering glass windows. The blasts sent smoke billowing from the airport and set off a panic as people ran from the airport with whatever they could carry. The attack began after a burst of gunfire and yelling in Arabic, according to Belgian media outlets.

Maelbeek metro station

Another 20 people died at the Maelbeek metro station, where some 130 were wounded. Around 9:11 a.m.(!) local time (later in the media changed into 9:19 am), an explosion struck a metro train in or near the Maelbeek station, causing chaos close to the European Union headquarters in the city’s center. The station is about 10 kilometers (7 miles) from the airport. Images of the aftermath of that attack show people running for safety along the tracks through a darkened and smoke-filled tunnel, after trains were halted.

European Parliament

Not far from both sites, the European Parliament resides. You may ask yourself “how is this important in this whole story?” I will tell you. Because the European Parliament is located not far from both the airport and several metro stations, it is usually heavily guarded. After all, it represents one of the European bodies of democracy. As such, the attacks on both airport and metro station can be called a direct attack on European democracy and civilization.


Bones_logoSkull and Bones secret student society

In the secret society of Skull and Bones, the number 322 has a secret meaning. It refers to the Bible book Genesis, chapter 3, verse 22:
then the Lord God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put out his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever.

Also, in 322 B.C., a Greek orator died. When he died, the goddess Eulogia, the goddess, whom Skull and Bones called the goddess of eloquence, arose to the heavens and didn’t happen to come back down until 1832, when she happened to take up residence in the tomb of Skull and Bones. Now Skull and Bones does everything in deference to this goddess. They have songs or . . . sacred anthems that they sing when they are encouraged to steal things, some remarkably valuable items, supposedly, they are said to be bringing back gifts to the goddess. They begin each session in the tomb, and they meet twice weekly by unveiling a sort of a guilt shrine to Eulogia. That’s the point of the society. They call themselves the Knights of Eulogia. That’s where the 322 comes in.

Quite a coincidence, isn’t it?


Connection between Skull&Bones and the NWO

Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt served as the head of policy at the Department of Education during the first administration of Ronald Reagan. While working there she discovered a long term strategic plan by the tax exempt foundations to transform America from a nation of rugged individualists and problem solvers to a country of servile, brainwashed minions who simply regurgitate whatever they’re told. Her father and grandfather were Yale University graduates and members of the Skull and Bones secret society.

Through her father, Charlotte Iserbyt was able to gain possession of the complete listings of the members, living and dead, of the Yale University Skull and Bones secret society, fashioned into a three-volume set: living members, deceased members, and complete listing of both. She cooperated in the writing of Dr. Antony C. Sutton’s book America’s Secret Establishment – The Order of Skull & Bones by providing the list of members obtained from her father.

The Bavarian Illuminati hid inside the Freemasons, and that the Skull and Bones Secret Society is derived from these Illuminati-degree Freemasons from Bavaria whose goals were documented in an original edition 1798 book Proofs of Conspiracy by John Robison. Among the goals of the Order of the Illuminati were to destroy religions, and governments from within, merge the destroyed countries, and to bring about a one world government, a new world order, in their secret control.



Now, how are these three interconnected? You can see that I linked the date of the attack (3/22) to the Skull&Bones society, through their sacred number 322. We also know, that Skull&Bones are connected with the New World Order. After all, George Bush was (or still is) a member of the notorious Skull&Bones society. We can all agree to that. Also, he mentioned the NWO in his 1990 speech “a world, where the rule of law, not the law of the jungle, governs the conduct of nations”.

So, there you have it. Brussels, just like the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris in January 2015 or the Paris attacks in November 2015, is nothing more but a step towards New World Order domination. You will see that, especially in Europe, permanent security measures – alledgedly to avoid new attacks in the future – will be taken, freedom rights will be restricted, a further centralization of power will be realized through the United Nations and global militarization of armed forces will be realized. All for the “benefit of humanity”, or so they will say. But not only in Eruope. Soon, the Americas, Asia and other parts of the world will follow. The only question that remains, is when.

In fact, it will all be for the benefit of the filthy rich elite and their games of power and control. Control over the human race, which will soon be nothing more but a commodity. And all those who blindly follow their leaders will be trapped in the end. But not only them. If we are not careful, they will take the awoken part of humanity down with them. So wake up and look around you. If it’s not already too late…

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