Age gap relationships

What is the attraction between two people with a significant age difference about? Money? Could be. Lust? Of course. Experience? Sure, why not. Rebellion of the younger one against certain beliefs? Most likely. Or just simply the attraction of two people towards each other with no other specific reason? Could be as well. Commonly, as someone who had such a relationship, I can say that all of the above may apply.

About seven years ago, I met a girl through Social Media on the other side of the world. Since it was quite a passionate relationship, built upon mutual respect, I can honestly say that it was something I did not see coming. Before I met her, I truly believed that a relationship was meant to be forged out of mutual respect, with someone close and with a strong connection to a woman who would be about the same age. But, as many beliefs, that was based on prejudice, upbringing and the judgement of people around me. As soon as I met this girl, for her privacy’s sake I call her Natasha, I fell deeply in love with her, as far as it is possible through internet. I’d seen a picture of her, and I decided to add her to my friends list. To my surprise, she accepted, and we started chatting. We started slowly, once or twice a week. Soon it became a daily routine. Not a day went by that I did not hear from her. Even a simply emoticon could make my day.

The connection between us became stronger. At a certain point, she invited me to visit her, which I gladly accepted. Since she lived on the other side of the world, I would have to plan my trip to her country carefully, since I knew little about her culture. That first trip I made through a travel agency, a rather organized trip. But as soon as I arrived in her country, she welcomed me with open arms. Her parents, however, were not exactly pleased to see such a (relatively) old guy who came to see their daughter. But she did not care about that. She had fallen in love with me as well, and to her it was perfectly normal that she and I had a relationship.

I cannot say if this is a typical start of such a relationship. What I do know is that age is just a number, and age gap relationships are just as valid as lesser gapped relationships. There is a prejudice, however, that in all cases of age gap relationships there certainly is something wrong. If not a money issue, then certainly it is about rebellion. After all, how could a normal person choose willingly for such a relationship? I can tell you, there is no rational answer to that question. Sometimes people with substantial age difference simply choose to be with each other.

This is one of the themes that occur in my novels The eagle and the serpent and The eagle and the bear. Both are part of a trilogy about my relationship with Natasha. Part 1 is already available in my webshop. Part 2 is in progress and soon available in my webshop as well. Here follows a brief description of part 1:

Natasha, born with spina bifida, a condition that is best described as a split spine, lives with her ultra-conservative parents in Mexico. When she reaches the age of 21, she meets a quite open-minded, yet much older guy from Europe, with whom she starts a relationship. He tells her that she has a choice in how to live her life, after which she starts her struggle for more freedom, together with her boyfriend. The result is a lot of drama, intrigue and the ongoing search for the ultimate freeedom. Along with this drama and intrigue, the book also tells the love story of a seemingly impossible love.

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