The rain continuously poured down to the window of the bedroom like a wall of water. The wind whistled like a tangerine and woke me up. It was half past five and the bleak morning was dark. Usually a morning in June around this time showed the first gentle sun rays, but the persistent rain of the last few days gave the feeling that it was autumn. In recent years the climate had changed drastically, and especially the month of June had become particularly wet and lurid. No spring sunshine, no crippling blackbirds and sparrows. Only the young shoots on the trees and the young grass made it clear that summer would be at hand. The wind and rain kept me from my sleep, but I turned around again and made furious attempts to drag me through my dreamy thoughts into more pleasant places. I did not need to get out of my bed early this morning, and wanted to stay in the warmth under the blankets for as long as possible. Late in the afternoon I had an appointment with my agent. For the rest, my calendar was empty today. Last night I had seen the clock strike half past three when I decided it was time to go to bed. Even though I could keep writing for hours, I decided to call it a day early. Half an hour before it was gently raining. And now, three hours later, the storm swollen rain kept me from my sleep.

The rain had taken hold of me. In a gloomy mood I stood up again and put a fresh can of coffee. In the dark I walked into my study, turned on the desk lamp and started the computer. I did not have a clue about what I would write, but when I started translating one of my stories, the inspiration would come soon enough. I chose a story that has been ready for translation for some time. I preferred my own translations to those of a translation agency. After translating about one and a half pages, inspiration came to me again. Or actually, the memories of Mexico.
I had been on vacation there a number of times, and learned to know a Mexican beauty, Aura. In the end, I went to live there, even though it did not last long. That was not because of homesickness, but because she had made an end to the relationship. In the meantime I had come to know many interesting people, including her family.

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