This is the closing novel of my Mexico trilogy, called Eagle claws, which I am currently working on. It’s the sequel to The eagle and the serpent and The eagle and the bear.

Natasha has just ended her relationship with the storyteller. In the next months, the story develops in a peculiar way. The storyteller stays with her for a few months, and discovers a few things about esotericism and freemasonry, as she tells him about it. After some time, the storyteller leaves for his home country, where he tries to pick up his former life. Meanwhile, he finds himself in conversations with a good friend, who helps him find the answers to the questions that keep spinning in his head. After a while he regains contact with Natasha, although it is not exactly plain sailing.

Paperback, 156 pages

You can download the ebook down below, or buy the paperback on Amazon.

Chapter 1

Watch the book trailer here:

Eagle claws
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