“There is no way to freedom; freedom is the way.”

What is freedom? And what is slavery? Do these words change in meaning over time, or are they basically still the same as millennia ago? When is a man really free? I cannot give you the answers to these questions, but I can give you my point of view and – with that – try to make you think for yourself on the subject. After all, the absolute truth is not within me, and nor am I pretending that I have access to the absolute truth. All I have is possible answers to these questions, from my perspective.

“The truth will set you free”. (John 8:32)

Where one feels enslaved or entrapped by any system they are part of, another mostly feels the freedom to move within that same system. It is basically about mindset. A lot of people feel free to do whatever they want. However, they can only do so as long as they obey certain preset boundaries.

Back in the Roman era, the Jews were under the rule of Roman government. Even though Rome gave them an exceptional amount of autonomy, they were keenly aware of the Roman presence around them in the form of soldiers, governors, and empirically appointed kings. This gave them a false comprehension of freedom, while in fact they were slaves to a system that controlled them through Roman law and legislation.

So what is so different between the Roman era and the present? Have we evolved further from then, and have we gained more freedom? Has society changed through the centuries? Or are we in fact back at that very same point in history from which we think we escaped from? Earlier, I have posted three blogs about Capitis Diminutio, maxima, media and minima. There you can read about the gradation of freedom back in the Roman era, which is virtually still active at present time. Through maritime law, whenever a person passes a gate of any kind, that person is subject to naval legislation. This naval legislation basically protects the rights of any company, corporation or official body. So, when you pass a door or gate of any kind, even in a shopping mall, you are subject to maritime law and are bound to follow the rules of the trading body. Non-compliance to those rules is always sanctioned to the benefit of the company, corporation or official body. In George Bush’s New World Order speech, he makes a statement about “the Rule of Law, not the rule of the jungle”. By this speech, he did not mean the protection of citizens, but exactly what he said: the Maritime Law will prevail above common law! Not the law of the heart, but the written laws that are penned down in law books. In other words: the written laws are to be followed, not our conscience and common sense! And guess who benefits most by these written laws? Exactly, the companies, corporations and official bodies.

Knowing all this, let me ask you the same question as above, and then some: do you think you are truly free? Are you able to go shopping and pay in cash? Are you really free to follow your heart’s desire? Are you free to surf the internet without registering in any way? Are you free to NOT comply to any trend without the pressure of your friends or family to join in whatever activity? Are you free from any gadget that has been developed over the last few decades, including tv, phone or computer?

If you can answer these questions with a “YES”, then I think you are truly blessed, and you might have found your freedom. I myself cannot answer all these questions with a “YES”, but I can honestly say that I am on my way there. So I am not completely free. But neither am I a slave. Freedom begins with mindset. But there is a long road ahead. For some of us that road has already finished. Others are still on their way. And then there are numerous people that have no clue. Don’t judge, just accept that we are all different.

Let me conclude with a statement by George Orwell in this picture below:


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