History of the human race

What if, about 120,000-12,000 years ago, there had been an extintion level event, wiping out virtually all existence? Right now, scientists all over the world more or less agree that the human race as we know it now, started to evolve after our last ice age, which ended about 11,700 years ago. However, until recently is was common knowledge that the Homo Sapiens could not be older than – let’s say – 6,000 years. This was mostly based upon old scriptures like the Bible, the Quran and the Torah. But now there seems to be consensus about 10,000 b.C. as a more logical time period for the beginning of modern man.

mayan-CivilizationStill, this consensus raises a lot of questions. After all, quite a few buildings seem to be a lot older than – roughly – 12,000 years. And what to think about the structures on the bottom of the ocean, spread around the whole world? Furthermore, other questions remain unanswered. Who were the builders of these structures? And, if we take into account that the human race was still a poorly evolved species, how were they able to build these structures? With this blog, I will try to answer these and other questions that may rise.


hiperborea_by_batkya-d8hy054First era

Our planet, usually called Earth. Terra or Gaia, is more than 600 billion years old. The first few billion years, it was not a hospitable planet, especially for any living creatures as we know them. About one billion years ago, the first alien visitors landed on our planet, which was a group of reptilians. They formed the first civilization and called it Hyperborea or Hybornea. It existed of mostly reptilian creatures, dinosaurs and whale like creatures – although the latter looked quite different from modern day whales. They were in fact covered with hair and lived on land. For milions of years, they lived peacefully on Earth. However, at a certain point another race from the Orion constellation visited Earth as well, which ended in a nuclear war about eight million years ago.


lemurya_mu_atlantis_buyuk_boy-1024x506Second era

The second civilization, consisting of Atlantis and Lemuria (or Mu), was a technologically and spiritually advanced civilization. Lemuria was established in the Pacific region, of which now only a group of islands remain. Atlantis, despite what some believe, was created later on in history, somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. Both civilizations were in contact with alien nations and lived for hundreds of thousands of years in peace alongside each other. At the end of the last 26,000 year cycle, Atlantis and Lemuria came into conflict with each other and Lemuria was destroyed by Atlantis. Atlantis itself perished at the end of the last 11,500 year cycle because they were too careless with technological experiments such as creating lasers. In a period of unprecedented natural disasters, a rift in the Earth’s crust and a tipping of the Earth’s axis, this world empire was swallowed up by the sea.


EgyptThird era

Our modern civilization is the third era in the history of mankind. It began roughly with the Sumerians, ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Inca, Maya, Celts, Byzantines and ancient Chinese cultures. The first known script about Atlantis – at least the one that has been preserved – comes from the hand of Plato. Ever since, this culture has always been the source for numerous fantastic stories. However, modern science still does not recognize its existance – despite several hints in historical, mythical, archaeological and artistic reference.



We are deliberately being misled about numerous things. The powers that be do not want us to find out the truth about where we come from, or about who we really are. Fact is that the human race is much older than the religious scriptures tell us it is. For instance: empirical science tells us that the Pyramid of Gizah is not older than approximately 4500 years (built around 2500 b.C.). Egyptians civilization is said to be first established around 5300 years ago (3300 b.C.). The-Aroi-Sun-Kingdom-of-the-Pacific-oldest-ancient-civilization-in-the-worldThis means that the oldest Egyptian pyramids would have been built about 800 years after the civilization took its form. Ever since that moment, this civilization must have decayed, because the closer to our time we get the less impressive Egyptian constructions became. The same goes for  Teotihuacán. This ancient city is said to be built around 500 b.C., and its Pyramid of the Sun is said to be built around 100 A.D. But this pyramid has exactly the same construction as the Pyramid of Gizah! Ancient-Civilizations-LandscapesBy carbon dating both pyramids, and the Sphinx as well, we discover that they are in fact much older than the powers that be want to make us believe.

Logically, we come to the conclusion that all these ancient structures are much older than the modern human race. After all, science wants us to believe that modern man is the most advanced and civilized being in history. But still, with all our modern technology and know-how, we are not capable to construct any building as sophisticated as the pyramids that are spread all over the world, the 1049px-80_-_Machu_Picchu_-_Juin_2009_-_edit.2Sphinx, the city of Machu Picchu, the statues of Easter Island (Rapa Nui) or the monoliths of Stonehenge. I will not say that everything we are told is a lie. Maybe some of it is actually true. But the fact is that there is much more to the history of mankind than we are told to believe. So I challenge you to inform yourself, read, watch, question everything and find your own truth.


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