Welcome to the world of Peter Keijsers.

Peter is a so called multi-talent. Except for writer, Peter is also a skilled photographer, painter and musician.

At an early age, Peter started experimenting with painting using unusual techniques. In the same time period, he bought a Korg M-1, so he could finally compose and “record” his own music. Soon a few melodies were ready for recording. As he never gave up photography, which he started with at the age of 16, Peter kept developing a very distinct sense of how his ideal composition in photography had to look like. His techniques in painting could neither be categorised in any way, so he also developed the same ideas in his photographs. He found that his paintings were not to look like regular paintings, and so were his photographs.

The idea of producing photographs as if they were painted kept developing into several other disciplines, such as video editing. Over a period of 10 years, he selected 10 musical compositions, which he had brought together onto the CD States of Mind. The songs on this CD are available through this website.

Meanwhile, his photographs and paintings are sold all over the world, due to the amazing possibilities of the internet. He also decided to explore his abilities to write a novel. Since he’s a huge fan of fantasy stories, with favourites like J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Brooks and Robert Jordan, it’s quite logical that he puts effort in writing a fantasy novel. The first chapter, unedited, can also be found elsewhere on this website. In May 2014 his first novel has been published, The eagle and the serpent. You can find it as a pdf file in the webshop.

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