How energy interferes with the human body

We all have a certain amount of home equipment in our houses, ever since the 1950s. It started with simple household machines like the vacuum cleaner and the tv. Meanwhile, our houses are filled with electronic devices: microwaves, computers, mobile phones, refrigerators, LED lights and more. Quite a few of them have evolved over the years from mere gadgets into indispensable necessities, making us more and more moblie. But with the increase of home equipment, with increasingly more radiation, we keep changing our human energy field with lethal consequences.

Everything is (built of) energy, and energy does not disappear, but merely transforms. Our human body is also buit of energy, and consumes energy as well. The body needs its daily amount of food, of which it takes the necessary energy. The proverb goes “what you eat is what you are”. However, it is not only the food, but our environment as well.

It is common knowledge that living near power lines or near an electric power plant affects the human body in a rather negative way. That is why those are always built at a respectable distance of populated areas, in order to deminish the affects as much as possible. But lately, more and more electronic gadgets are invented, which all require electricity. And the more electricity is needed, the more it has its influence on the human body – no matter how far away the power plants are built.

But a new threat has risen at the horizon. We take numerous electronic gadgets into our homes at an increasing rate. What started with facilitation of our daily household, has almost become a bare necessity: vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, televisions (preferably one in each room of the house), computer, telephone, et cetera, et cetera. We can now barely live without them. And then, there is even more: mobile phones, LED lighting, wifi…

(Youtube: Barrie Trower – Wi-Fi & Microwave dangers, 2013)

The more electronic gadgets we take into our daily life, the more they will affect our natural human energy field. Modern diseases are increasingly interfering with that energy field. They literally make us sick. They give us new forms of cancer, make us more agitated – hostile even! – or give us migraines.

(Youtube:, 2010)

Mobile devices interfere with the human electro-magnetic field (EMF). It can cause irreperable damage to the eye’s retina. So it can literally be blinding! Aside from that, LEDs can trigger epileptic seizures. So ask yourself: Do I really want to expose my eyes to that kind of danger?

(Youtube: Danger of LED light bulbs, 2012)

The same goes for wifi and mobile phones. The radiation that comes from both mobile devices like iPhone, smartphone or tablet, and wifi is risky at best for our human body.

In fact, you may start to ask yourself if you really want to expose your more or less healthy body to such dangers. Stop accepting the “innovations” that companies sell you and stop taking them for granted, and start questioning their motives. Stop accepting the lies and discover the truth for yourself. Start investigating!

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