I am many, we are one

Whenever something is wrong, and we want to change it, we are often told that we cannot make a difference because we are only one. “What can I do about it,” is an oftenly used phrase to express our impotence and lack of power over the vast reality. But the truth is: we can make a difference. We are only made to believe we are powerless, in order to keep us under control.

Society versus community

Beginning with this contrast, it may be the hardest to understand. Where we used to have communities living together as a whole, we now have societies. Societies are nothing more than communities with the implementation of governments, in which the governments dictate what we should do, know, believe or think.

Centuries ago, we only had communities. Of course, there has always been some kind of leadership. But other than leaders who were part of the community, we lost perspective on what good leadership should be. In bygone communities, the leaders of the people were those of great knowledge or skill, to whom we went for advice, or to settle a dispute. The ruling of those leaders, commonly referred to as “elders”, was binding. However, these leaders did not force their way upon the people.

Nowadays, we only know societies. In those societies, it is the government that dictates our behaviour in every way we can think of. No more room for free spirits, but merely the dictations of the government prevails. We are no longer to think for ourselves, but to abide the rules that are set by the government.


One for all, all for one

This is a concept, straight from the French Musketeers. It could very well be together we stand, divided we fall. It was meant as a strategic concept, in which an army is as strong as its weakest link. But it does not only apply to military bodies. In fact, it applies to any and every body that is self-aware and open-minded. It is NOT meant to exclude those who do not think alike. Far from it! It is meant to unite.

Since the government wants us – the people – to believe that we are powerless against negative outside forces, we abide the opinion of our government. After all, a government only wants what is best for us, right? Wrong! All a government – local, regional, national or worldwide(!) – wants, is to control humanity. But now the time has come to rise up and take a stand. A stand for humanity. A stand against the oppressor. Because indeed: together we stand, divided we fall.


I am many

The government wants to separate people into individuals, because an individual is much easier to control than a group. And we are more than happy to oblige. After all: as an individual, we have a voice that is heard, right? Again: wrong! Sure, every human being has individual rights. And yeah, we all have the right to our own identity. But our hunger for a distinct identity has taken us from the path to find common grounds.

The governments want nothing more than to see everyone fight each other. Because that way, the masses are much easier to be controlled. “Us against them” is their creed. And each of us sees themselves as righteous to fight for their individual rights. But we forget that for each individual right we gain, we lose sight of our common goals.


We are one

Right now, March 2016, the world population is more than 7 billion people. If each and every single one of us fights for our own individual rights, the rights of the others will have to suffer. This means that for every life we save (our own life) we lose several others. Instead of fighting for ourselves, our egotistical selves, we can choose to fight for humanity. For all humanity is one. We are one. Only as a whole, humanity has a chance to prevail. Only as a whole, humanity has a chance to survive.

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