Middle East conflict

In 1948, the state of Israel has been founded by the same people who founded the UN and every central bank in the world: the Rothschild family. That is basically the beginning and the content of the conflict. In fact, Israel has been founded to propagandize the Zionist agenda.

We have to make one thing clear before we can go on. There is a distinct difference between Zionism and Judaism. Judaism is a religion which is 1000s of years old, while Zionism is a political movement, founded in 1897, in order to found the state of Israel.

The founding of Israel is meant to serve only one purpose, and one alone: a perpetual state of conflict in the Middle East. This purpose is meant to slowly deminish the population of Palestines through the decades that lie behind us, and the decades to come.

By now, the whole region has been destabilized. Not only is there an ongoing war between the Zionists and the Palestinians, but quite regularly there have been conflicts with the Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Iraq and other Middle East countries, every time with Israel (Zionists) being the adversary. In fact, it has been a war between ZIonists and Arab countries ever since. And every time, Israel portrays itself as the victim. But we should ask ourselves: who is the real victim here? Surely all those young children are a threat to Israeli sovereignty, right?

Well, think again. It is an agenda. An agenda to keep this particular region in an ongoing state of destabilization, directed by none other than the United Nations organization itself! Just today, there was news that even Saudi Arabia is going for nukes!

Again, I’m not condemning anyone, certainly not the Jews who want to make a peaceful living together with Palestinians. All I’m trying to accomplish by this blog, is to make you think about what is really going on over there…

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