Mind over matter

Have you ever had that feeling, that whatever you thought of suddenly became reality? Or have you ever had a déjà-vu? Very likely that it is your mind, connected to your soul,  that creates that particular reality or déjà-vu.

This very same thing happens to me quite regularly. Whenever I think about something, which really can be anything, quite often becomes reality within a certain period of time. Such as:I think about going to call a certain friend, and the next moment there’s a phone call from this particular friend. Or I get a vision of a car accident in my mind’s eye, and a few moments later I see that very car accident happening in front of me. Yet another example, in which I hear a certain voice calling my name but no one’s there; but then a few days later I hear from someone who has been thinking about me quite often for the last few days. And then there’s this example you all might have had in the past, that you visited a certain place, and you are certain that you’ve never been there in your entire life. But yet, you can find your way in that place without even looking at a map or asking for directions. All these are examples of a mind, working in mysterious ways, but always creates the very reality that you have been thinking about – one way or another.

Now I have to tell you that I’ve been experiencing quite a few of these moments lately, especially while writing my next novel which will be a mystery novel. In this novel I speak about certain places on Earth where peculiar events occur. Such as:

* I speak of the discovery of proof that there’s life on Earth for more than 50,000 years. A few days after I wrote that, I found an article on the web, speaking of exactly that discovery.

* Then I speak of dumbing down of society. And guess what happens? Some time later I read a new article about increasing aggression, numbness in people’s minds and something called Hunger Games.

* Last example is about what I’ve been writing a few days ago, about a hail storm; stones falling from the skies, as big as golf balls. Yesterday I read an article about a place in Europe, that was struck by a hail storm. And the hail stones were as big as golf balls!!!

Now you might say “this is all just coincidence”. True, it might all just be a coincidence. But then I ask you: how many coincidences in a row make it credible to be reality? That there’s more to see than meets the eye? One single thought, connected with a real event might indeed be just a coincidence. Two of these happening is already quite disputable. But a series of thoughts becoming reality, certainly that must have more meaning than “just coincidence”. Right?

Why am I telling you all this? Quite simple. I want to get you thinking, and figuring out for yourself whether or not I have a point here. To me, it’s as clear as can be: whatever thought is formed in your mind, will become reality one way or another. So, now I only focus on positive thoughts forming in my mind, so that the positive becomes reality.

There’s a quote from James Redfield that says Where attention goes energy flows; where intention goes energy flows. Just keep that in mind, the next time that you have strong thoughts about anything. After all: negative thoughts create negative energy, and positive thoughts create positive energy. I can only show you the door. Whether you step through it or not, is your own choice.

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