Imagine a journey, so impressive and commemorable, that you have to write it down. Imagine a journey, so fascinating that it would be a waste of time not to record it. Imagine a journey, so magnificent that it would be a shame if it were forgotten. That, dear reader, is the kind of journey I found myself on for a long time. The wonders I was lucky to witness, the discoveries my team and I made, the sights we saw… all that has been worth our while. It need not be said that from time to time the journey was challenging, with all kinds of tribulations, but in the end we – and I dare speak for my whole team – would not miss it for anything. Although we had to endure terrible losses, a number of strange setbacks, misfortune, our objectives were clear: serve the human race by recording our journeys, wake up mankind from a deep hypnotic trance and guide the people towards a brighter future. My name is Nigel Dawson, and I am a threefold graduate from the Cambridge University. These are my notes combined to stories, which I from now on will call the Tesseract Project. Each and every story tells a different part of the whole. I chose the names of the Platonic solids for each of the stories. Every story tells part of the whole truth, which I discovered by traveling the world and unveiling hidden secrets. This first story has been given the name Tetrahedron.

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