Sense and nonsense about vaccinations

Earlier this year, Australia’s social services minister Scott Morrison announced to end religious exemptions for their national vaccination program. This means that all Australians can be forced to take vaccinations. If not, they will be considered a threat to national health. This announcement was in itself rather curious, given the fact that this minister refused vaccination for his own daughter before he was inducted as a minister.

And now, the USA as well is preparing legislation to vaccinate all youth in that country (bill #H.R.2232), by prescription of the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Florida senator Frederica S. Wilson says that vaccinations have a proven history that declare vaccination safe and effective. However, she doesn’t even remotely mention any side effects of any sort whatsoever.

It is commonly known that many vaccinations can make women infertile and that they can diminish the population. A former employee of the Merck corporation has warned about certain risks from vaccines before, according to whom pharmaceutical companies willingly spread diseases in vaccines.

But, according to Ms. Wilson, children who are not vaccinated form a health risk by spreading contageous diseases, and for that reason she has proposed the “Vaccinate all children Bill”. According to her, this bill will save many lives and will protect future generations. What she neglects to mention, is that this program has already  cost the US goverment more than $2 billion in law suits from victims that have suffered from these vaccinations.

I happen to have spoken to someone recently, who stated that vaccinations would have to be mandatory for everyone. This person told me, that he did not want his own children to be at risk because of some kid that has not been vaccinated. Now I ask you the same question as I asked him: If you truly believe that a kid that has not been vaccinated can contaminate a kid that has been vaccinated, what use do vaccines have then? After all: vaccines are meant to protect people from suffering diseases, right? And if someone is indeed vaccinated, then that vaccine SHOULD protect the vaccinated person from any contamination.

Fact is, that vaccines are willingly produced from diseases and even carry that same disease as which it is meant to fight. Even more: most modern diseases have even been fabricated in laboratories!

Best antidote for any disease is still to be found in nature: plants and herbs! We are natural being, not chemical beings. So don’t waste your health with chemical enhancements that pollute your body.

What am I trying to say with this blog? Not that you should never have you or your beloved ones vaccinated. After all, every person has the right to make their own decisions. What I do mean by this blog, is that you think for yourself whether or not to get any vaccinations. I wish you all good health and a long and prosperous life.

(Picture taken from Wikimedia Commons)

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