Silencing the people

Under Corona pandemic regulations, many countries have implemented a number of measures. Some of which are still in place, despite the declining lack of new casualties. Sure, some countries haven’t coped with any casualties since the outbreak, especially those on the southern hemisphere, but the pandemic showed up mostly on the northern hemisphere so far. And yet, most countries that are still under lockdown today are to be found north of the equator.

Just like everyone else, I followed guidelines from my government when the virus hit Europe, last March. And just like everyone else, I kept my distance from others because I didn’t want to be infected. Out of ignorance, I have to add. Then, a few weeks later I started having second thoughts about the whole treatment of the disease. Was it really a pandemic? Were the symptoms really as bad as they said? Were we really supposed to get used to the social distancing measure? No more physical contact? No more meeting in public places? At first, I was ignorant. But the longer the lockdown situation kept going, the more doubtful I became. ‘It’s for the benefit of everyone,’ they said.’Only by following protocol we can beat the virus,’ is what they said. ‘We will never go back to how it was before,’ was the message a few weeks later. ‘This will be the new normal, the new standard,’ is what my government told the people. we just had to get used to the idea that everyday life has changed forgood. But did it really have such an impact on our lives as our governments want us to believe?

Sure, there were a lot of people dying during winter. And a lot of them had died under suspicious circumstances, with strange symptoms that didn’t really seem like a normal flu. This disease was significantly worse than any normal flu variant we’ve ever encountered. So what our government tells us must be true, right?

What really is going on is that they want the insubordinate masses to become obedient, domesticate us even more than we already were. If it’s up to the elite, we are to be made docile to them, to be enslaved, to rule over us all like mindless livestock. Like expendable resources (hence the designation Human Resource in companies!). They want to own you. They want to treat you like the animals you are in their eyes, meant to breed for their needs and nothing more.

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The elite have had a plan for some time now, to silence the becoming more articulate masses. Homo Sapiens has to become Homo Obediens in their plans. ‘Just follow orders, no self-expression or self-awareness wanted anymore. Just do as you’re told, because we know what is best for you.’ Or so it seems.

Those among society who willingly undermine their plans and ideas have to be silenced. No more room for discussion, simply follow their orders, do what you’re told and be grateful that you’re still alive. Be glad that this horrifying pandemic hasn’t taken your life, as it has taken so many others. ‘We know what is best for the people,’ is what you’ll hear. ‘There’s no turning back to normal as long as there’s no vaccine,’ is the general political consensus. In my own country, when the people were to vote in a referendum about the implementation of a pan-European constitution a prime minister once said ‘the masses are too stupid to know the consequences if this constitution isn’t ratified, so we’ll decide for them.’ Our political leaders really don’t give a damn about the people. They just want us to obediently follow their rules. No matter if those rules limit our constitutional rights, just shut up and obey!

All they do is keep us afraid. Because people who live in fear can be controlled. And that’s exactly what they want: control. Because once they control us, they can do whatever they want with us. No more self-awareness. No more independent thinking. The government will think for you.The elite need slaves, who please them without questioning. Your opinion is no concern to them. They only want blind obedience and your life is meaningless to them. Because they believe they are the chosen ones.

But we, the people, know what’s best for us. We, the people, don’t need another dictatorial regime. We, the people, don’t need to be taken care of because we can take care of ourselves. All we need is a little room to move. More and more people recognize the totalitarianism of todaý’s leaders, and stand up for their beliefs. The masses will not be silenced. Only when there’s nothing left to fight for, there can be control over people. But we should not let it come to that. What we need is a revolution. Anarchy! A revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having. Remember who you are. You are not worthless cattle, as your government wants you to believe. Even if you wear the mandatory mask, wear the mask of your choice, not theirs.For beneath this mask there is an idea, and ideas are bulletproof.

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

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