The eagle and the serpent is a book about the life of a young woman and the changes in her life. It’s available as a pdf, epub or kindle file further below. You can also buy a hardcopy (paperback) on Amazon.

Natasha, born with spina bifida, a condition that is best described as a split spine, lives with her ultra-conservative parents in Mexico. When she reaches the age of 21, she meets a quite open-minded, yet much older guy from Europe, with whom she starts a relationship. He tells her that she has a choice in how to live her life, after which she starts her struggle for more freedom, together with her boyfriend. The result is a lot of drama, intrigue and the ongoing search for the ultimate freeedom. Along with this drama and intrigue, the book also tells the love story of a seemingly impossible love.

Pocket, 125 pages

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Chapter 1

The eagle and the serpent
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