US colonization of the “free world”

For decades now, the USA has occupied countries that allegedly threatened the free world or housed terrorists. Where in the 60s and 70 several Southeast Asian countries have been invaded, the last few decades the USA have invaded countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

On September 20, 2001, George W. Bush addressed a joint session of congress, where he spoke the legendary(!) words “If you are not with us, you are against us”, referring to countries that he wanted to contribute in his War on Terrorism. With these words, he meant to separate the Axis of Evil from benign countries who were and are the Allies to the USA. Every country that opposed the USA in any way ever since, has been labelled as Evil, possibly housing terrorist groups.

“So far, so good,” you might think. And indeed, it appears quite a noble aspiration. The whole world rid of any aggressive group that undermines freedom and democracy. But if only this were the case. In fact, it is not by a long shot. No, the USA, operating as the “errant boy” of the Zionists, wants to enslave the whole world to the New World Order with its Agenda 21. But that’s quite a story in itself. Yes, the preclearance checkpoints are mentioned in Agenda 21, and yes, the New World Order has certainly to do with all this. But the preclearance checkpoints barely scratch the surface of Agenda 21, since there is a whole lot more to it.

Last year, in 2014, the USA have taken a new step towards this New World Order, by setting up “preclearance checkpoints” in countries like Canada, Ireland and the United Arab Emirates. Last month, May 2015, the USA have ‘asked’ five more European countries  to allow them to set up another ten preclearance points at airports for customs and immigration. All this because the USA want to avoid having another 9/11, as they say. So every airplane that flies over US soil will have to be checked in advance for possible terrorist attacks. Or so they want us to believe that is the reason behind it all. Of course, these countries can refuse the request from the USA. But then again, wouldn’t those countries be labelled as ‘hostile’? After all, Bush Jr. was quite clear in his speech: “If you are not with us, you are against us“.

All this reeks of colonization. And has it not been exactly the USA in 1776 that opposed interference from another government by putting up the Declaration of Independence in that very year? Was it not this former colony of the United Kingdom that stood up against the tyranny of that country? In fact, the USA is still a colony of the UK, but that is a totally different story. Let us focus on the colonization by the USA here. By setting up “preclearance checkpoints”, the USA are in fact trying to colonize different parts of the world themselves! And all this in the name of freedom and democracy! Aren’t we all living in a free country? And is it not the “old world” that made the USA possible in the first place? So why do we have to obey this UK colony, if they are in fact not even a valid country?

In fact we can say that this whole “colonization” is the precursor for the upcoming TTIP, which will allow companies to rule the world! Then why is a foreign country so eager to control people’s movements on European soil? I do not have all the answers to that question, but I do know that there is something fishy about the whole thing.

Now I ask you: what business have the USA in other free and democratic countries, if they do not trust their own allies? Or is there more than meets the eye? I challenge you the judge for yourself, and seek out the truth!

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